COVID-19 Important Messages FAQ

Date Posted: September 21, 2021


The CI Health clinic has been receiving an overwhelming influx of calls regarding COVID-19 vaccines and testing. To get the answers you need quickly, please review the list below prior to calling the clinic.

How do I get COVID tested?
If you would like to be tested for COVID-19, please call the clinic to schedule an appointment. Appointments are required to obtain a test. CI Health currently conducts Antigen Testing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Are COVID tests free?
COVID-19 testing at CI Health is covered by all insurance companies, with no out-of-pocket cost to the patient. For those who do not have insurance, COVID-19 testing will be covered and at no cost to the patient.

How do I get my results?
Please do not call the clinic. Results are available via the patient portal only. Patients seeking test results need to sign up or log into our patient portal.

I tested positive, now what?
If you tested positive for COVID-19, follow the CDC's guidelines for quarantine and isolation.

When can I be vaccinated for COVID-19 at CI Health?
CI Health has a recurring vaccine clinic every Thursday from 10AM-12PM at the CI Health clinic. Check which vaccines are available below. More info

Which COVID-19 vaccines does CI Health currently have?
CI Health currently only has doses of Moderna available and can only vaccinate those 18 years and older.

When can I get a COVID-19 vaccine booster?
Vaccine boosters are NOT yet available. Once the FDA authorizes the vaccine booster, we will reach out to the community with scheduling availability. More info

How can I request a work clearance?
Negative test results are serving as clearance to return to work/school. If you tested positive, please call the clinic to set up an appointment to receive work clearance.

Do I need to be retested to return to school/work?
If you previously tested positive, you do not need to retest before returning to work/school. There is a high likely hood that you will still test positive. A note from a provider stating you have completed your quarantine can be obtained after an appointment.